I’m Aruna, a registered nurse and nursing teacher. I have been nursing for 20 years. I live in the beautiful city of Sydney here in Australia . I live with my husband, our three children, our dog Freya and fish-Oceania.

I live by faith, and this quote that I read when I was studying nursing -" what do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other".

I believe that every person has worth, should be treated with dignity and is deserving of the best possible care.

My goal is to help people get back on their feet after illness or injury so they can lead healthy lives again. And those who cannot - to provide them with care and assistance.

For individual/family

  • I offer care plans and tailored education for your support workers.
  • Home care nursing services
  • Continence Assessment
  • High intensity nursing - PEG feed, bowel care, Pressure area care, Wound care etc
  • And support coordination for NDIS participants.

For agency

If you are an agency, I also offer staff training, so they are confident to provide best possible care to their clients.

Please reach out to me for a no obligation phone call to see how I can help!





Our Vision

To be recognised as a centre of nursing care excellence.


Our Mission

To make in-home professional nursing care accessible to the aged and disabled members of our community. To be a place of expert nursing care, hope and well being, in our community.


Our Value

Our Value Proposition is articulated through three foundational pillars: 

I. We understand the human need for safety, care and dignity in the comfort of their own home. 

II. We strive to become a name that our community associates with nursing care excellence in the fields of Aged Care and NDIS.  

III. We continuously improve our knowledge, enhance our skills and provide person-centered care with empathy and compassion.